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"This was exactly what I wanted! As a bride, I was involved in every detail of the wedding. This was our third wedding actually, as we have family and friends in different parts of the world. Our 2 first (and low-key) weddings have only the memories our dear friends took, but we regret not having better pics now. For our final and true wedding, we wanted to make it special, but not spend crazy amounts of money, so we started to think where we could cut some costs. Our wedding planner said: "do not cut on the photos, these are your memories, forever. I have seen brides cry the next day when they realize they hate how they look on their wedding pictures. Don't do that. Cut on the decoration or other things you won't remember." I am so glad I did that!!!! It was the best advice I could have gotten, and I want to pass it along. Toh did an amazing job, with a skillful approach, a true knowledge of the wedding picture art, the sun, the area, but also have asked us really what we wanted. He is a true professional, kind and with a clear vision of what he wants to capture. He guided us super well and also let us be free to play with our ideas! We LOVE our wedding pictures! Don't guess on something so vital and hire these guys! I promise you won't regret it! :-)"

Natalia Mora


"Toh - we apologize in advance it's almost taken a full year to do this but we wanted to be sure to share our experience. We don't know if you post testimonials, however even if you don't post this I feel like it would be awesome to hear - Our wedding photos are incredible. You truly captured every moment perfectly and both John & I felt completely comfortable around you and your crew.

Your vision matched ours perfectly. We had so much fun running around on the beach, climbing trees with you both. Once we received all of our pictures back we immediately made our wedding album and to this day receive a million compliments on your work. The moment we shared our wedding photos with the world, the world learned what we knew right off the batt looking at your portfolio: You're a genius!! If there is one day in your entire life that you want completely captured beginning to end perfectly it's your wedding day.

Thank you so much for perfectly documenting the best day of our lives. Continue to pursue your passion because you have an incredible gift.

♥ With love - Mr & Mrs Carbone aka Johnny & Melissa xo"


"After my wedding day, I was a bit concerned on how well our photos would come out since we had so many elements working against us that day. Between several coordination problems from our wedding director and mother nature bringing an overcast to our sunset wedding (plus not being the greatest subject matters once my husband and I got drunk on sparkling wine after our ceremony! LOL),I prepared myself for the worst.

When I received my wedding photos, I was blown away on how well the photos came out considering the challenges Toh and his crew had to work with. I was always impressed by his work, but have gained a whole new respect seeing how he is able to rise to the occasion. Aside from his great quality of photography, he and his crew were very friendly and easy to work with. Almost having a panic attack with last minute changes in my wedding plans from my director, Toh was the one that calmed me down and assured me everything would work out okay. (Thanks for that, Toh!).

What I love best about my photos is that they are original and different from any other pictures I've seen, including Toh's own portfolio. He works with the elements that are before him, does not give you the "cookie-cutter" photos that you see time and time again. Toh is an amazing artist. Give him your trust and let him work his magic...I am sure he won't let you down. *

Thank you so much, Toh! Namaste."