+ How will you photograph your wedding?

I approaches wedding photography with the spirit of photojournalism, capturing the natural, true moment and reflect the excitement, laughs, tears... All the emotions of your day, will be fixed gracefully on your wedding photos so that future generations can see how it really happens.
While wedding photojournalism and candid shots are my hallmark, I am aware that you may also want various traditional posed photos such as bride alone, groom alone, bride and groom, families groups.

I always work with my assistant, this for not having to take care of checking equipment, moving stands... This way I'm totally concentrated on shooting, having more and less stress I so shoot more and better photographs.

I arrive at least half an hour before the shooting time in order to check the place, the light and getting to know the people present. I then photograph the ambient, the details, the bride getting ready, and the groom. Then, I’ll do a session of both
separately, with their families. I'll cover the full ceremony, afterward (usually around sunset), I take away the couple for a session.Then comes the cocktail, speeches, Dinner, cutting of the cake, first dances and party...

This is just for reference, it can be totally different...

+ How many photos will you take ?

That depends on a number of factors including how much time you have asked us to spend at your wedding, how many photographers you requested and the nature of your wedding.

In general you should plan on roughly 70-90 finalized photos per hour for a single photographer.

+ How long will it take to get my photos?

In most seasons you should have photos within 4 weeks from your wedding date.

+ Is retouching included ?

Yes ! You go to a lot of effort to look your best on your wedding day and we take it a step further - smoothing away blemishes, brightening smiles and more. If you have a specific feature that you would like to minimize, such as a tattoo, please let us know before your date. We can take extra care with posing to minimize theses features.

Can I speak with some of your past customers ?

Absolutely. Because we respect the privacy of our customers, we will not publish their private information on our website. If you like references, please call or email me. 

+ Who keeps the wedding negatives and copyrights?

Our clients receive the unmarked negatives and copyright with all packages at no additional charge. All digital images can be printed at a professional lab (we give a release note for that) or even at home using photographic paper.

Does your company have any online wedding albums ?

I provides all clients with an online album. Print from these photos can be order on line.

+ Are you the person who will be taking my wedding pictures?

Yes! I will always be the person taking your pictures. I don't hire other photographers to cover dates for me.

I will come with my assistant to help transport equipment and do some set up work, but I will always be the one taking your wedding photographs.

+ We would like to meet you before the wedding. Is this possible ?

Yes! We would be able to sit down in person and talk about your wedding anywhere from a few days before to just the day before depending on your travel plans.

Don't hesitate to call me also ! I understand the stress ( and fun ! ) of wedding planning .